High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

Our engineers utilise EMRCE (Electro-Mechanical-Rotary-Cutting Equipment) and HPWJE ( High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment ) to clean and clear both underground and above ground drainage systems to remove: leaves, silt, debris, grease and roots from pipe work to restore and maintain the internal flow capacity of the pipe work, wet waste including contaminated material can be removed from gullies and petrol interceptors using Vacuum Tankers to leave the drainage pipe work free flowing.

Drain Cleaning

Having your drains cleaned regularly is vital to ensure good drainage and free flowing pipes. If you notice that your water is taking more time to drain away from plugs and sinks then it means that water flow is reduced in your drains. It is in these conditions that drain blockages occur.

When your drains become blocked it can be an emergency situation to ensure a return to good hygiene and the removal of bad smells and bacteria. RPS Drainage will come out on a 24hr Drain Cleanibasis 365 days a year to unblock your drains.

Regular drain cleaning can prevent the need for emergency service, so to find out more, receive a free quote or to arrange to have your drains cleaned please pick up the phone and call us today on 01276 855775 – we are ready for your call.

Root Cutting and Removal

Tree roots ingress into underground pipe-work in a search for water, as the roots grow into the drainage system the host pipe can become cracked and in extreme cases collapse, the problematic roots can usually be removed with High Pressure Water Jetting Equipment or cutting tools.

In order to restore free flow to the sewer, where damage has occurred we can install a new one piece drain liner which will also rectify any structural defects and prevent re-growth. Root cutting and removal from within the pipe can save a lot of mess, digging and time.

To discuss whether your pipes would benefit from our root cutting and root removal services please call us on 01276 855775 today. We are always available and are ready to help.

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